About Us

About the NWT SPCA

The NWT SPCA is a non-profit, charitable, volunteer Board-ran organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for all domesticated animals  in the North.  We do this through general public education and awareness, relationship building in communities and partnering with organizations outside and within the NWT. We are pleased to offer various programs and services to the residents in the NWT and Nunavut. These services include animal rescue and protection initiatives, Pet Food and Supplies for Communities Program, adoption and fostering, and various volunteer shelter programs. We also offer a community spay/neuter program in partnership with Great Slave Animal Hospital and go into communities for clinics under our Animal Health Initiative.  We work with Vets Without Borders as well as the Sahtu Vet Team from Calgary.

We are proud to say we opened our first animal shelter in October 2012 and continue to complete, improve and build on the facility and the programs we offer.

Mission Statement

To protect and enhance the quality of life for all domestic animals in Northwest Territories and to help support the North in appreciating and learning the value of the northern dog in today’s society.


​To prevent animal cruelty; educate about humane treatment of animals; provide shelter and care to abandoned and abused animals; and encourage adoption to suitable homes. Through education and programming, we hope to promote responsible pet ownership and encourage spaying/neutering, so animals can live the best life possible.

​Our overall goal is to engage and encourage our society to help build communities where all animals who depend on humans for their wellbeing can experience freedom from hunger and thirst, pain and injury, distress and discomfort.

The shelter and the organization overall would not be possible without the overwhelming public support of Yellowknife residents and businesses, and others in the NWT, Nunavut and beyond.  We are always grateful for any and all support!

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The NWT SPCA was incorporated as a society in 1988. For years the NWT SPCA operated without it’s own shelter with a team of dedicated volunteers, and a community of strong supporters.

Over 20 years later, the NWT SPCA set out to build a 3200 square foot shelter on a hectare of land to better serve our community. Our Ground Breaking Ceremony took place on October 23, 2011.  One year later we opened our doors. Within days we had as many dogs as we could handle. We continue to improve on and complete the shelter including our surrounding land use area as we get the resources to do so.  We continue to hold fund raising events and apply for Grants throughout the year to keep our doors open. 

It has the capacity to hold 40 dogs and 10 cats. We have a maternity room and an indoor play room/ puppy room as well.  The building is environmentally friendly and operated by one full-time Manager, three part-time staff members, and a group of committed volunteers and Board members.  We have one large enclosed outdoor play area for the dogs with a condo complex for their comfort and plan to build a smaller play run as well as an outdoor extension from our cat room for the summer months. We have walking trails around the shelter. 

We want to continue to improve the shelter and the grounds. If you have any questions regarding sponsorship or have ideas on how you would like to donate to our shelter please contact us.