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Our new website is designed to be an interactive and efficient way for us to interact with our community online. Here you will find more blog posts about what’s happening at the shelter, find out about easy ways to donate,...

Featured Program Eagle Program

Eagle Program

To transport animals south. 

We really depend on people like you to help relocate our wonderful northern specials either to an adopter down South or a trusted Animal Rescue organization.

If you are travelling to a major city in Alberta or B.C like Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Nanimo, Comox or Abbotsford you can potentially help a dog get to their new life!

Currently because of the discontinuation of sponsorship we are asking that people interested in helping with transport contact us for instructions on how to help.  You would have to call and book a dog on your tickets ( on any airline) but we can reimburse the fee or give a taxable donation receipt. The cost of a dog in luggage is $100.

NOTE:  There is not always room on the plane due to a dog or a rescue not being ready so we may not be able to use your flight.  But Thank you for contacting us.